The Pamar Photographers: shots and portraits by Ramak Fazel

Over the years PAMAR has collaborated with some of the most illustrious, capable and skilful photographers in the world.


‘Ecological’ production and safety at work: Pamar’s recipe

Modern plants and virtuous practices help in respecting rules, people and the environment.


PAMAR’s designers: Michele Marcon and the ‘Democratic Design’

The vision of design and decor market by of one of PAMAR collections' designers.


The Pamar Photographers: Ipersensorial photos by Donato Di Bello

The Photographer Donato Di Bello is well known in the field of architecture and design thanks to the long-standing collaboration with the leading magazine in the sector, Domus.


Furniture handles and furnishing accessories: 3 finishes that you must try

Tips for choosing the best finishes for your furniture handles and interior design accessories.


Here’s the 2016 Pamar Più, the catalogue for distribution

From today, itì’s available to download the