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A story about people

prova-famiglia_02 In the early years after the second world war, Italy was full of problems, but also full of ideas and new energy, one of which was Pamar, currently one of the leading companies worldwide in the production of handles, knobs and furniture accessories. The company was founded and developed in Renate, in that part of Brianza which was quickly recognised as one of the most evolutive centres in the small metal and furniture parts sector.  Pamar is the outcome of one man’s project, that of Angelo Redaelli and his entrepreneurialism. The businessman, constantly supported by his wife Elena who played an active part in the company’s success, firstly began producing furniture handles. The company took off, thanks to this small and detailed item. It developed and quickly became an important industry in all effects, expanding to cover the entire process: from design to research, to production and sales up to communication. After its success in Italy, Pamar’s expansion took on an international scale, thanks to its advanced production and organisational abilities and, in particular, the substantial contribution of the founder’s children, Fabio, Marco and Silvia, who knew how to guarantee the passage from one generation to the next as they shared the same values, moving forward with the same enthusiasm.