Furniture handles and furnishing accessories: 3 finishes that you must try

Tips for choosing the best finishes for your furniture handles and interior design accessories.

When taking care of the finer details of home furnishing, pay great attention to the choice of handles, knobs, legs, shelf brackets, etc. In addition to form and model, it is often the finish that gives that something extra, making accessories fit perfectly in their chosen environment and matching them to the objects that surround them.

Finishings with nano-ceramic coatings.

The following are all finishes obtained with nano-ceramic paints, i.e. specific protective paints based on nano-ceramic resins, anti-UVA with direct adhesion. This type of paint guarantees extreme resistance; In fact, thanks to the use of new generation resins it is possible to maintain the brilliance and gloss of the surfaces it is applied to. It is a finish that protects metallic surfaces, and is highly resistant to moisture, salt corrosion, thermal shock, chemical substances, foods, hot and cold liquids, household cleaners, footfall, wear and tear, artificial radiation and aging.



Important features.

Durability tests for these coatings, carried out by Pamar’s technical departments, indicate the following characteristics:

  • suitable for objects both indoor and outdoor;
  • in compliance with international regulations on resistance to foods and chemicals DIN 68861-1B;
  • in compliance with international regulations on resistance to salt spray ASTM B-117;
  • in compliance with international regulations on resistance to perspiration ISO 12870;
  • in compliance with international regulations on resistance: abrasion according to ASTM D-968;
  • in compliance with the international standard on adherence of film application ASTM D-3359;
  • in compliance with International regulations on standard resistance: artificial aging ASTM G-154;
  • Film robust and compact non yellowing;
  • film brilliant gloss.

Three suggestions for your home furnishing accessories.

CEMENT – E339: a rustic look for the living room and bathroom.

E339-finitura-webThis paint, suitable for a variety of materials, gives the effect of natural cement, through the use of new generation epoxy enamels. Ongoing research has resulted in excellent cosmetic results, above all tactile. A course materic surface, which gives it a unique effect, the product could be described as ‘street‘, an almost perfect reproduction of the original material’s properties. Nano-ceramic is a leading technology, it increases the strength of an object, giving the product greater resistance. It is in this way that various accessories and furnishing elements gain added value.

Where to use it: it is ideal for living areas, particularly in converted lofts that were once industrial buildings. The aesthetic effect, very course, is just perfect for that kind of context. The texture of the concrete can be determined by the customer, finer or coarser depending on how it is produced (handmade).

COPPER – E390: a strong character, for large spaces.

E390-finitura-webIn line with market trends over the past few years, Pamar has developed a copper finish on a liquid, epoxy base using nano-ceramic technology, also in this case suitable for a variety of materials and forms. Thanks to this technology, there is not only improved resistance to scuff marks and wear and tear, but also visual appeal, deeper and luminescent, giving an impression of preciousness.

Where to use it: suitable for living areas. It has a strong colour, so should be used with caution, especially in large areas. Perfect for items such as the aluminum parts of tables or shelf brackets.


ABSOLUTE WHITE – E359: velvety to the touch, with a deep, rich colour.

E359-finitura-webJoining the collection, among the thousands of RAL whites already in the PAMAR range, is pure white. Here, where technology and fashion come together, a deep, rich paint comes to life. Soft to the touch, opaque and easy on the eye, suitable for the most modern and rich marble and ceramic materials. A coating that renders the objects it covers unique in design and performance. It is also worthwhile noting that the polish: given the thickness of the paint, with just a light sanding, it is possible to remove scratches, superficial cuts, marks and defects.

Where to use it: resistant over time, usable on any materials, readily adapting itself to a variety of living areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office. A different colour to the usual white, deep and velvety.