How the cork knob by Jasper Morrison came into being

Precisely what was missing from Pamar’s vast selection of furniture handles and knobs.

One of Pamar’s distinguishing features is the ability to boast collaborations with some of the world’s most famous designers. Among these is James Irvine (his designs feature in several products by the Renate company), a good friend of another design heavyweight Jasper Morrison, the guru of extreme minimalism. It was indeed through Irvine that Pamar came into contact with Morrison.


He lives and works in Tokyo, London and Paris and is one of the most successful industrial designers of recent years. He coined the term ‘super normal‘, which for him answers the question of what ‘good design’ really should be. In effect, rather than creating unusual or extravagant products, he often gives new life to simple, natural, raw materials, reinterpreting them and perfecting them in a way that is useful, simple and responsible.


The opportunity to include an object designed by such an important figure in Pamar’s own portfolio was certainly very inviting, and talks began between Pamar and Morrison.

At first, the designer was somewhat dubious about putting something that was his in a company catalogue, already so rich and well stocked: “You already have everything,” he said. It was the material, not the form, that then inspired this modern master of style.


It was this flash of inspiration that convinced Morrison to try his hand at this particular furnishing object: to revalue, thanks to the design, raw materials that many ‘snubbed’, giving them new life. Cork, is not so easy to work with as you might think. The knobs from the Cork Knobs Collection are lightweight, extremely durable and have a velvety surface, pleasant to the touch. They bring out the best of this natural material.

It is a minimalist creation reminiscent of classic cork stoppers, they are in fact made from stoppers, in part, and from natural resins composed of Mallorcan agglomerate.

In creating these knobs, Pamar had to identify with Morrison’s perfectionism, a highly demanding person with an acute attention to detail. Although the knob’s design as conceived by the English was simple and minimal, in terms of style, producing the finished product proved to be a great challenge, subjected as it was to the scrupulous examination of its creator.


The knob cork is considered to be a niche product, due to the particular material with which it is made and the famous name it bears. Its simple lines are a true reflection of Jasper Morrison’s personality, one that refuses to compromise on quality or luxury. In the relationship with this master of design, Pamar found a person who was simple, focused, professional, and blessed with incredible charisma.

Since the very beginning Pamar has provided cork knobs for the Jasper Morrison store in London, a place most definitely not to be missed, also online, for all those with a passion for minimalist design.


The cork furniture knob was presented in 2008 at the “Fuorisalone”, during Milan Design Week, with Jasper Morrison at Pamar’s side during the event. Later, Morrison used them to furnish two shops by the famous French fashion house Hermès, one at the Liat Tower in Singapore and one in Seoul (South Korea). Another prestigious cork knob appearance, with VITRA tables also belonging to the Cork Family, was at London Design Week, in September 2013, at the Victoria & Albert Museum. In January 2015, this design creation was also featured in the American newspaper ‘The New York Times’.