Pierre Charpin

Born in 1962, Pierre Charpin is a visual artist who obtained a degree from the National School of Fine Art in Bourges (F) in 1984. Since the early Nineties, he decided to concentrate on designing objects and furniture. Since then he has undertaken a series of research and production projects. Having received the VIA (Recognition for Innovative Furniture), in 1995, he designed a series of prototype chairs and shelves in polystyrene, material which tends to be associated mainly with industrial packaging. In 1997, he held an international design workshop, where he concentrated on the car as an object. In 1998 he broadened his experimental research to the glass sector (International Centre for Glass Research). From 1998-2001, he focused his research on the concept of landscape. Invited to examine the issue relating to ceramic decor in 2003, his research led him to define decoration more as a narrative element than a system of purely ornamental marks applied to the surface of a concept.