Sung Sook Kim

Sung-Sook-Kim_00Designer, art director, interior designer, Korean by birth and training. She graduated in her native country, then she collaborated with Frank Gehry in Santa Monica (U.S.A.), before arriving in Italy where she began collaboration with the Architect Piero Lissoni. She opened her own studio in Milan in 2002. There were numerous collaborations in sectors such as Industrial Design, Architecture, Exhibition Set-Up, Fashion, Showrooms and Private Homes, both in Europe and Korea. She collaborates with various companies, including Cassina, Matteograssi, Pamar, Emmebi, Orrizzonti, Omnidecor, Euromobil, Fasem, Enrico Pellizzoni, Iren uffici, Decotec, Mariella Rosati, Sergio Rossi, N30 Via della Spiga boutique, Ekaterinbug Potrovsky Passage shopping mall, Anneclear, Tutto Vetro, Mantero Seta Spa, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics.