Pamar Al – Profiles Collection

Aluminium design profile

The new Pamar AL collection is made of greatly designed profiles derived from extruded aluminium. This technology is an asset for Pamar since the very beginning of its activity, and it was used much before the invention of modern leagues and die-casting process. All the aluminium profiles included in the Pamar AL collection have been created by famous designers, who developed multi-functional objects according to their own, personal styles. Giuseppe Bavuso explores the profile section and its possible alternatives finishings, adding classy details that highlight his great design talent. Michele Marcon works on the overall modularity of the process creating a series of higly flexible and functional profiles, while Marco Zanuso Jr. investigates the lines clearness and pureness. In addition to the traditional aluminium finishings, run through the anodic oxidation processes, Pamar offers a world made of research and innovation in order to produce all the latest shades through epoxy finishings.