Pamar Passpartout Collection

Cable outlets collection for interiors and offices

Wires, be them long or short, tangled and obstructed, brightly-coloured, black or white, at times transparent, connected or disconnected, standard or not, single, double or triple, ending or threaded, behind the wall hanging, concealed or visible, beautiful or ugly, are never appreciated. Nonetheless, there will always be someone who pulls out the wrong one, causing us to loose any unsaved information on our computers. Yet, these arteries, plaguing us in our need to be constantly connected, are necessary evils in the technological functioning of our homes and offices. Pamar has developed a new line of accessories designed especially to make up for this design defect and restriction, in order to domesticate the spontaneous anarchy of the masses of wires we are used to seeing hanging limply behind our desks or stuffed behind a chest of drawers. Giuseppe Bavuso has come up with a line of accessories that integrate into any material and decorating project.


Passpartout programme

design Giuseppe Bavuso