The Pamar Photographers: Ipersensorial photos by Donato Di Bello

The Photographer Donato Di Bello is well known in the field of architecture and design thanks to the long-standing collaboration with the leading magazine in the sector, Domus.  Di Bello has undertaken to create ipersensorial photos and in some cases it took him weeks to find the right pose and the perfect shot for famous photos, taken for PAMAR, dedicated to CORK, the cork knob designed by the English designer Jasper Morrrison.  These photos are no longer mere knobs or handles, but icons, exhibiting their wealth and how much effort it took to design and implement them.

The entire collection of photos from the PAMAR HANG, WALL, PASSPARTOUT and PORCELAIN catalogues were shot by Di Bello. Some of them were published on the most important international magazines in the field of design and decor.

The words of the photographer: “I am convinced that style is a constant search for forms of expression and the ensuing technical solutions that will get the right picture” […] as I obsessively observe, address and present every detail onto which my light falls…  This ploy pinpoints the meaningful details of what I am photographing, increasing its value – a sign of richness, a little bit of soul. After all, photographs are always aesthetic experiences that fascinate us, set us free and lift us out of oblivion“.

About Donato Di Bello

After ten years of studying classical guitar he decided to focus on his passions: photography and films, and make this his profession. After his studies at the Institute for Graphic and Photo Arts Giambattista Bodoni in Turin, he opened his own studio in 1985 while continuing to teach photography; since then he has worked with advertising agencies, companies, big names in industrial design and architecture and, since 1992, with the leading magazine in the sector, Domus.

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